Simulator Technology

The best golf simulation software.

Using more cameras than any other simulator, HD Golf’s Advanced Computer Vision Technology tracks and analyzes your ball speed, launch angle, swing path, club face path, contact, and smash factor with incredible accuracy. You’ll see the game better and feel the game better.

Simulator club & ball tracking

HD Golf pioneered Computer Vision Technology in the simulator industry. Our patented smart-cameras take more measurements, more accurately, than any other. In real-time and throughout ball flight, our software converts this data into visually realistic shots that keep players coming back.

Simulator measurements

We measure all critical input & ball parameters to analyze each shot a player makes. There are, at minimum, 4 cameras capturing the swing. To analyze spin, club head speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed), and smash factor.

Simulator accuracy

Comprehensive measurements are critical, but the accuracy of these measurements is equally important. HD Golf’s proprietary software measures with supreme accuracy. For example, we measure club face angle contact to within 1/10th of 1 degree.  

Golf ball Spin

Our simulator golf software features a dedicated, integrated spin camera, an industry first. Mounted above the player and accurate to +/-100rpm, it provides realistic ball flight, bounce & roll – allowing you to put subtle or aggressive spin, ensuring accurate & realistic competition.

Golf course modeling

HD Golf developed revolutionary 3D modelling software to incorporate real course data (hi-res digital images, geophysical and satellite) into the player experience.  This creates exceptional realism and gameplay players immediately notice. We are the only simulator to use real course data, so courses look and play like the real thing.

Best simulator operating system

We use stable, application specific/high performance, virus & bug-free LINUX OS. Its supreme reliability and performance create a powerful system that can process incredibly complex data sets for accurate ball flight and object tracking.

Simulator Hit Screen

Our high quality, proprietary multi-element (3-layer) hitting/projection screen is quiet with low rebound. Our high-performance, non-marking screens last the longest regardless of the sport you’re playing.