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The Difference is Real

At HD Golf, we know the difference between good and great is in the details. That’s why we perfect every single one. We start with 3D models using real data to recreate championship courses with stunning realism. Our Advanced Computer Vision Technology deploys more cameras than any other simulator to track ball speed, spin, club face contact and angle, for pinpoint accuracy to 0.1 degrees. So, get ready to see the game better. And play the game better. With the best simulator in the world.

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HD Golf
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HD SportSuite Simulators

Our premium simulator offers a realistic sport experience in the comfort of your home or business.

Key Features

Our technology is engineered and designed to be the best in the game with stunning, life like realism, pinpoint accuracy, game time, and game improvement.

Core Principles

When shopping for a simulator, it’s important to separate fact from marketing claims. To evaluate simulator capabilities and deficiencies, focus on these core areas: Performance, Ease-of-Use, Reliability, & Support.

Player Improvement

HD Golf was the first to launch an integrated Pro Instruction Studio. Tools provide detailed Shot Analysis, Video Swing Analysis, Weight Transfer and Balance Analysis.

What the pros are saying

Check out the rave reviews from leading tour professionals.

Bryson Dechambeau

U.S. Open Champion

“When it comes to simulators, there is simply no comparison to HD Golf.”


The best simulator for every setting.


Work on your game year-round. That’s luxury.

Indoor Golf Centres

Bring the game you love indoors with the best simulator in the world.

Sports Bars & Entertainment Centers

Make a night out golfing with friends the next big thing.


Offer your tenants a year-round unique experience right at home

Golf & Country Clubs

Enjoy your favourite sport year-round with the best simulator in the world.

Hotels & Resorts

Your guests deserve a world-class experience.

Corporate Offices & Rec Centers

Energize the team with a quick range session or fun 9 holes.

Instructors & Club Fitters

Train on the simulator other tour pros count on – and gain access to top golf instructors.

Special Solutions

Bring the game you love indoors to any environment.


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