Weight Transfer/Balance Analysis

The HD GOLF Pressure Mat Provides Weight Transfer and Balance Analysis.

The golf swing weight distribution analysis provides instructors with a comprehensive series of balance measurements, collected at every point of the student’s swing including Balance, Weight Transfer, Center of Gravity, and Tempo. The HD Golf pressure mat, (with Sensor Technology from BodiTrak) provides a detailed analysis (based on 600 sensors) which indicates key pressure points allowing golfers to see micro-moves that cannot be seen on video.

This data is seamlessly integrated and synchronized with our Video Swing Analysis, allowing you to freeze frame and evaluate your swing at any point, such as Address, Transition, and Impact. All specific information including graphs and weight distribution patterns are presented on the touch screen and big screen for easy review.

“This pressure mat is changing the face of teaching across the world.” –Jim McLean

HD Golf pressure mat

This is the ideal tool for instructors to teach golfers to optimize energy transfer and increase distance.

Center of pressure (CoP) mapping

This analysis measures the percentage of pressure on lateral and heel to toe which provides data for golfer to achieve optimal energy transfer.


The HD Golf pressure mat provides instructors with a comprehensive series of balance measurements collected at every point of the students swing.

  • Center of Gravity
  • Tempo
  • Balance
  • Weight Transfer