Player Improvement

HD Golf tools provide detailed Shot Analysis, Video Swing Analysis, Weight Transfer and Balance Analysis.

Golf is about sweating every detail, of every shot. We’d all like to spend more time on the course, and work on all the strokes and nuances the game demands. Having a golf simulator studio at home makes it possible. A golf studio is the perfect addition for any athlete. Contact HD Golf and see how we can help you get started on being the best golfer you can be.

HD Golf Pro Instruction Studio

Video Swing Analysis

Video analysis system for the beginning to expert player evaluates your swing at every point from Address and Transition to Impact. Review all data on the big screen.

Weight Transfer/Balance Analysis

The HD GOLF Pressure Mat provides weight transfer and balance analysis based on 600 pressure points allowing golfers to see micro-moves that can’t be seen on video. It’s a gamechanger for instructor and student alike

Jim Mclean’s 8-Step Swing Program

Real time coaching from Jim McLean harnesses the potential of HD Golf to break down every aspect of the game and produce continuous improvement.

“Dave Pelz Backyard” experience 

Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and PGA Tour coach Dave Pelz recreates the famous “Dave Pelz Backyard” facility for HD Golf. It’s your turn to train like the pros.

Player Locker Rooms

  • Diagnostic tools analyze every part of a swing in real time.
  • Get customizable performance reports.
  • Share video, lessons, statistics, club fitting, tournament standings and more online.
  • Extensive selection of golf courses, driving ranges, chipping/putting greens and skills games.
  • A teaching environment that elevates the training experience.

Next-level instruction.

  • All player stats are stored in a cloud-based Locker Room.
  • Players can access Locker Room anywhere, anytime.
  • Locker Room stores Shot Data, Swing Analysis Videos, Lessons, Club Fitting data and Tournament play.
  • The Communication Portal connects golfers with instructors and each other.
  • Quickly and easily manage reservations, clinics, leagues, tournaments, and advertising.