Optimize your HD Golf simulator with these available options

Optimize your simulator with the best golf accessories in the game. HD Golf accessories bring every aspect of the game indoors, provide the realness you feel when you’re walking the fairways, and hitting it out of the rough. HD Golf simulator is a must-have for any golfer who wants to sharpen their swing all year long.


Compatible with both LCD and Laser short throw projectors. You’ll learn more about your game when you see every detail. It also doubles as part of a home theater experience.

Mounts & Screens

Our variety of screens and mounts allows you to elevate your experience. Use the arm mount to view our 30” touchscreen at all angles as you play. You can also mount our screen to the wall and adjust height with the sliding wall mount.

Hitting Mats

The HD Softstrike hitting mat feels like real fairway hitting conditions, completing the immersive experience. Designed by our engineers to allow you to hit down and through shots naturally. The commercial-grade hitting mat also gives you a real-life experience of hitting the ball flush off the fairway. Plus, you’re protecting your floors and club heads.

Other Accessories

Our variety of accessories help you complete your game.

Compliment and complete your experience with these add-ons: Computer and Golf Simulator Touch Screen Cabinet, Golf Club Rack, Golf Cage, Canopy and Awning, Premium Surround Sound Package, 4×1 HDMI Switcher, and Padded Walls.