HD Live Play

Connect your HD Simulator with the LIVE PLAY app.

Using your mobile device, the app livestreams each player’s audio/video to a shared user interface on the multiple golf simulator. This lets you play golf online while your group can see and chat with each other while playing a synced round on their personal HD online golf simulators. It’s fun and realistic!

HD Live Play

Download the app

LIVE PLAY is easy to setup! Simply contact the HD team and we’ll create your account. Next, download the app for FREE from Google Play or the App Store. Then, sync the app & player profile with your simulator and begin LIVE PLAY! You can upgrade to the Pro Broadcast Hardware Kit for more fun and shared excitement! It includes a dedicated camera and microphone.

How it works

Create Games:

Create a scheduled game with up to 3 other HD owners. Matches can be private for your friends only, or open to the whole HD Live Play network.

Join Games:

Accept invites to private games from your Live Play friends up to 1-week in advance! Or easily meet other HD golfers around the world by joining a scheduled open match that appeals to you!

Meet HD Owner:

It’s easy to meet other HD owners through OPEN GAMES and chat! Add other golfers as ‘Friends’ within the app as you get to know them!


Member email, phone number and other data is never revealed or shared with anyone!