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Client Experience

HD is uniquely qualified to provide the ultimate in simulator support. We are your 1-stop shop from initial inquiry to your first swing on your new simulator.

“We love our HD Golf sim! The accuracy and graphics are spectacular, and there is a great selection of golf courses. Chris was extremely helpful in sales. Scott and the team have always been available for questions and small servicing issues. Software updates have been seamless. Our HD Golf sim is a show stopper in our home.”

Dr Pete P. – Alberta

“Working with HD Golf has been nothing short of fantastic for The Links Golf and Sports Academy. HD Golf has provided top-notch service from the as-designed installation of our 4 Simulators, to the ongoing excellent customer service. They have exceeded any expectations we had going into this business venture, and they continue to surprise us with weekly software update/improvements. They made it easy for us to deliver the perfect customer experience, which allows us to concentrate on the business side of things. Thanks and keep up the great work/support HD Golf.”

Jeff O. – Ontario

“I have worked with/seen all the sim companies out there, and they all have their pros and cons. However, HD is the best I’ve worked with. I love the system. I have played on many other golf simulators, but I choose HD Golf over everyone.”

Matt K. – South Dakota

“We looked at several competitive simulators and chose HD Golf for the visual quality, the accuracy of the ball flight and online player locker and booking engine capabilities. What we experienced is a passionate customer service team that could troubleshoot in a moments notice and marketing department to help grow our business. We are proud to offer HD Golf and never have regretted our decision.”

Kristine B. – U.S Virgin Islands

“We are thrilled with the versatility that our High Definition Golf simulator provides us. From the impact it has on our guests experience, to the benefits it provides our professional staff, our HD Golf simulator has been a valuable addition to our resort and gives us a real competitive advantage.” 

PGA National Resort – Florida

“During our extensive research & development phase prior to opening the doors at One Under Vancouver, we looked at several of the prominent golf simulator brands in the market to determine which would work best in our downtown venue.  In the end, the HD Golf Simulator separated itself from the others with its shot accuracy, selection of championship golf courses, putting, and ease of operation.  These were the keys factors for us at One Under and we couldn’t be happier with the decision.”

One Under Indoor Golf – Vancouver BC

“Stu – overall very happy with the setup! We are loving our golf sim! I do want to thank you for your diligence so far. You’re by far one of the most pleasant suppliers we have worked with to date.”

Terry & Michele D. – South Carolina

“The simulator is absoulutely the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s a hit with everyone. Thanks!”

Bob K. – North Dakota

“It’s very popular at our other office and we decided to design a full golf room with the system. It’s great for getting employees up and moving around and also for team building,”


“We wanted to give our customers that ‘wow’ experience. Now they can look forward to coming in for servicing or even checking out the new models. Our staff also use it after work and we have been holding mini-tournaments. It helps keep them motivated.”


“We have used another brand simulator for the last 6 years. We struggled with cameras dropping and computer glitches. We tested all the well-known brands before deciding on an HD Golf Simulator, and we are happy. The picture, accuracy, selection of practice and course options are all amazing. This simulator is the closet thing to playing a course as you will find short of being outside.”

Terry T. – Illinois

“High Definition Golf provides us with a precise means to demonstrate the effectiveness of NIKE clubs and balls in the convenience of our office. High Definition Golf delivers a realistic simulation experience that is truly unique to our industry and provides our sales and marketing teams with invaluable data collected by the integrated software package.”

Nike Golf

“HD Golf was a pleasure to have at the mansion during our Playboy Golf finals! They were incredible to work with. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend them for any event and we look forward to partnering with them again in the future.”

Playboy Golf

“The HD Multi-Sport Simulator has created unique experiences for our customers, and that is a competitive advantage. Access to multiple, all-ages games, have made our HD Lounge attractive for all kinds of events. From a corporation’s team-building event to a day of practising wedge shots, the HD Multi-Sport simulators have everything you would need to entertain for hours.

Joe K. – Ohio

“After a lot of research, HD Golf made my decision easy after a conversation and reading the many positive reviews. The “after-care” has also been great, and they support their product! The unit is in my office building, and the employees bring their kids in to play sports games! Finally – I LOVE the experience, and it has helped my game!”

Tom D. – Pennsylvania

“The entire program has continued to improve the past few years, and I appreciate all of your efforts in doing this. The courses under the “Play” section are very well done. You offer a nice selection! The “Practice” Section is the one that I utilize the most. The “Dynamic Chipping” Section with the various pitches and chipping angles is a great addition. I like all of the shots, and the course’s actual playing conditions are realistic on the simulator. The 12’ Harbour Town putt and 18’ putt from Wolf Creek are very good. The “Hole Practice” feature is outstanding!”

John H. – New York

“The High Definition Golf engineers have created a simulator that can capture and quantify all aspects of the golf swing dynamically. The module will measure and quantify the shaft bend, club head speed, hand speed, club head acceleration, position of maximum club head speed, angle of attack and load factors at five different points on the shaft in a multitude of positions in a players swing. This enables us, as a golf shaft company, to implement this information into new designs to strategically develop shafts for all types of swings and club heads.”


“Our members/customers love the High Definition Golf simulator! Thanks guys, you’ve all been very helpful.”

Chinook Winds Casino – OR

“It’s important to do your research and invest in the right system. We know that how our equipment performs for customers on an HD Golf simulator is how it will perform on the course. Our clients are enjoying a more engaging experience and we can provide them with instant feedback and detailed shot analysis after every swing.”

Cobra-Puma Golf Canada

“Our HD Golf simulator is installed and is absolutely AMAZING. All of us were really blown away by it – it is a fantastic product. I have used AboutGolf and the Vector Launch monitor before, and this is clearly in a different league than both in terms of realism and accuracy – we are quite glad we chose your product. Thanks again for a great product – we look forward to it being one of the highlights of our laboratory.”

High Point University – North Carolina

“My property was built in 2004 and had a small 20 seat theater. With the relatively low cost of large flat screen TV’s this amenity was antiquated and not adding any value to the asset. I was discussing with a colleague of mine what to do with the space when he mentioned he had just installed a High Definition Golf simulator in one of his city properties and that it was a “huge success”. It turned the light on so to speak. I began doing research online, looking at competitors. After experiencing the options the choice was clear. High Definition Golf had a superior product relative to graphics, functionality – along with a market competitive price. I felt the ease-of-use of the program played a significant role in my decision process. After installation, it is a relatively maintenance free, timeless, functional amenity. One scratch golfer actually came to me and in a tone of surprise after returning from a tournament in Florida said: “my game has actually improved.”

One City Place

“We had a fairly large indoor golf facility, but there is only so much putting and driving you can get students to do. We were looking at ways to make it more interesting and interactive. You don’t need to go for the flashiest unit or the one with the most courses. It’s about getting the one with the most realistic golf experience and most accurate measurement feedback. For that, it’s definitely High Definition Golf Simulators. This simulator is worth every dollar. It has made indoor practice a lot more fun. The students look forward to using the HD Golf Simulator – it adds another layer of enthusiasm. This winter was really mild, but even when it’s nice outside we sometimes have a hard time getting them off the system to play outside.”

Purdue University – Indiana

“I am very pleased with HD Golf. HD is unique among the many simulator options because they use real-life images of the actual courses. The HD technology with many cameras measuring club and ball movement is a true representation of each shot. However, the accurate ball flight information truly takes it over the top. The system provides terrific feedback to analyze your swing, or you can see a realistic simulation of your ball’s flight. The combination of HD Golf and HD Multi-Sport make the media room the centre of every party, and the entire family can use it.”

Dean T. – Illinois

“Let me tell you, we thought we would love our new HD Golf Multi-Sport Simulator, and it has gone beyond our expectations. It works beautifully, and we haven’t had a problem in nearly a year. Even though we love golf, my son and his friends use it constantly to improve their batting skills. You have no idea what a hit this is at parties, and how has made our home life that much better. I would recommend it to anyone and can’t thank you enough.”

Dean S. Sr. – Maryland

“Nice job to you and production! It certainly shows the breadth of activities, and it looked fun!! – Initial feedback has been very positive.”

Tim E. – Minnesota

“I just wanted to let you know that in deciding which simulator to choose, Craig has been a pleasure to work with over the last few months. You’ve got a good guy. So, I’m officially an HD customer now. He was a great balance of helpful and inquisitive to make sure the project was still moving. He was never pushy or aggressive but made sure to check in when things went quiet. Also, was very helpful early on in getting some drawings done to match the simulator up to my space, showing the mechanicals, I also was shown the mechanical components. Your competition won’t even consider doing that unless you’ve paid them.

I look forward to the installation and commissioning process over the next few months. Also, having Daniel Durrie in Kansas City show off the simulator was a great help. He’s a great HD salesman. Thanks again for all you do. Again, thanks to Craig for making this happen. I lead a sales team, so I always appreciate feedback on my people.”

Jeff B. – Kansas

“We have just about completed one season with the High Definition Golf Simulator and it has worked quite well. We are getting to a point in bookings where I am starting to think about a second HD Golf simulator!”

Muskoka Highlands Golf – Ontario

“A few years ago we had a vision of creating the ultimate indoor golf experience. We went to the PGA show looking for the best tools. When we saw High Definition Golf, our decision was made on what simulator to install. The realistic images sold me. It doesn’t look like a video game. We get nothing but rave reviews on our HD Golf simulators. We have clients who have used other simulators – they claim this one is the easiest and most enjoyable that they’ve used.We had a few low end ones that we had to make excuses for all the time. We get no complaints now. In fact, we are adding a couple more. Business has been phenomenal. We are booked months in advance!”

Golf Analytics

“Working with HD golf has been a professional experience. Chris and HD Golf did an excellent job sourcing and installing simulators at multiple locations while keeping in mind the needs of the student housing sector.”

Landon S. – Minnesota

Service Experience

“You guys did a great job of coming out to a remote site and installing everything as you said you were going to. I appreciated that more than you know! It sometimes takes folks 3 trips to do what they said they could do in one.”

Marty S. – Alberta

“It’s a great product that is simple to use, with the best graphics in the industry. This is my 2nd simulator, but it’s the first with your company. I would say that this is by far the best. The few times I needed to contact customer service, they were able to walk me through and were very responsive.”

Paul S. – Ohio

“The golf room install is complete, and it looks wonderful. I wanted to thank you both for all your help in getting the details ironed out. Our installer, Stephan, was a pleasure to work with and did a superb job.”

Ben D. – Florida

“I just wanted to send a note thanking Ryan and letting you both know what a fantastic job he did on installing my simulator. He did great work and was very friendly. Ryan made sure it was all done right and was very collaborative on asking how I wanted things done. You’ve got a good one there. Thanks again, I love the setup!”

Jeff B. – Kansas

“Glen did a great job, and I love the system. I’ll send you some pictures of the set up once it’s complete with the furniture. Thanks again for all your help.”

John R. – North Carolina

“Both of the install experiences were fantastic. I can’t speak highly enough about Stephan. The tech team, who helped fix some issues, were responsive and thorough. I want to learn how to play golf, and I am certain my clients will enjoy it.”

Ben D. – Florida

“I installed the 16:10 Curved Championship HD Golf simulator model in our new home back in June 2019. All I can say is “WOW”! The quality of the simulator is without a doubt first class and industry-leading. The support I received from HD Golf throughout the process was fantastic. Everything from the initial decision through the installation process capped off with the real-time customer support has been fantastic. Everyone I’ve worked with has been committed to making the project a success while making my satisfaction a priority.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to select HD Golf and look forward to years of enjoyment!”

Jim R. B. – Texas

“Thanks for a great installation. Stephan is really doing a good job!”

Lars W. – Sweden

“Thank you for setting this up so quickly. I appreciate it.”

Adam M. – Ontario

“Good news!!! Did as Elo suggested and all works now. I am so relieved and happy. Thank you and DJ for sticking with me. I appreciate your help immensely.”

Bill Z. – Washington

“Thank you for your attention on a weekend. We appreciate the time you have been spending on it.”

Michael T. – Maryland

“I am extremely happy with the HD Golf System we installed, and I am convinced it’s the best one. Thanks for your help with the prepping period, and to the team that set up the system.”

Garry M. – Alberta

HD Golf News

New Athlete – Talor Gooch
New Athlete – Talor Gooch

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New Athlete – Alex Tuch
New Athlete – Alex Tuch

"Living in Upstate NY doesn’t lend itself to many warm winter activities, so escaping the cold and playing my HD Golf™ simulator is the perfect indoor solution! It allows me to strengthen the golf game, so I’m primed & ready for the summer rounds! Really...

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New Athlete – Adam Fox
New Athlete – Adam Fox

Norris Trophy winner, and 2 time all star, Adam Fox of the New York Rangers joins the HD SportSuite family of athletes. Adam has said his HD simulator helps him work on his golf game when he’s not patrolling the blue line for the Rangers: “When away from the rink,...

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New Course – Oak Hill Country Club
New Course – Oak Hill Country Club

The PGA Championship returns to Oak Hill Country Club in 2023, and you can play like a professional on HD Golf’s newest course release! Built in 1921, and surrounded by oak trees, Oak Hill Country Club’s East Course, is one of most recognized golf courses in the...

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Simulator Realism

HD Golf™ delivers life-like realism through our patented & revolutionary Image Processing Software. It combines High-Resolution Digital Imaging, Satellite and Geophysical Data into 3D models, creating a fully realistic golfing environment.

Our world-famous golf courses LOOK AND PLAY just as they would if you visited the course in person. Every tree, bunker and hazard is faithfully replicated to recreate the actual course experience.

If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping experience and want to become a better golfer, there is simply no comparison to an HD Golf Simulator™.


Comprehensive and Accurate Measurement

HD measures ALL critical object & club parameters to analyze every shot. At minimum 4 cameras work together during the player action sequence. They analyze club head speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed) and smash factor.

These comprehensive measurements are critical, but the accuracy of these measurements is equally important. HD Simulators measure with supreme accuracy. For example, we measure club face angle contact to within 1/10th of 1 degree and ball spin to +/- 100 RPM.


Simulator Quality

HD Golf Simulators™ redefined the Gold Standard in build-quality and integrated technology. Quality in a refined packaged is immediately obvious from first swing and makes your ownership experience a true pleasure. Our steadfast commitment to the ‘exceptional’ combined with minimal operating and maintenance costs ensures unparalleled reliability for years.

HD Golf™ has extensive engineering capabilities extending through our hardware, software and mechanical design. We design & build all critical system components in-house and ensure seamless system integration. Most competitors cobble together third party hardware and software to make their simulators – resulting in compromised reliability & system incompatibilities.

We are committed to ‘only using’ top quality professional-grade components such as: High Performance, ‘Intelligent’ Cameras, Professional Engineering Workstations, Linux Operating Systems, Multi-Element Screens and Spring-Set Nylon Turf. Collectively, our systems deliver unrivalled quality, superior performance and exceptional reliability.

Competitors typically use lower cost, inferior components, such as: Home PC’s to run their simulators, which tend to suffer from instability and frequent required updates. They also use polypropylene turf, single element-screens with high elasticity-rebound and reduced longevity. Both screens & turf last a half-life when compared to our in-house designed screens & turf. Other areas of compromise extend to their third party cameras which capture your swing, but don’t form a complete alliance with the rest of the system.


Multiplayer Golf Competition

Your family and friends will love the included collection of fun, multiplayer golf games! Blend excitement with skill and enjoy a great night in.

Target Pro Tour includes multiple games designed around landing golf shots accurately across ranging distances. Amazing graphics, explosions and ball vapor trails pull competitors of all-ages deep into the game!

Take the kids mini-putting or play golf tic-tac-toe. Host a closest-to-the-pin competition on #7 at Pebble Beach during the Masters, then try Golf Poker or the Field Goal Golf Challenge. There’s lots of fun games for everyone of all ages and skill levels.

Most HD Clients typically go a step further, adding an HD MultiSport Sports Package to their simulator. This modular add-on lets delivers up to 30 MORE sports & games with little more than a software update and new sports equipment. Click here to learn more.


Player Improvement

HD Golf™ was the first to develop a completely integrated Professional Golf Studio, ensuring Teaching Professionals, Clubfitters and Individuals have the best tools available for game-improvement.

Video Swing Analysis, 3D Motion Analysis, and Weight Transfer / Balance Analysis are all designed with one purpose: make you a better golfer.

In reality, a golf swing happens very quickly, and can be difficult to improve, especially when you don’t have analytics and recording technology to visualize the swing. Subtle adjustments can result in dramatic improvements – it’s critical you understand your individual swing dynamics. You don’t need to be computer savvy to use the Golf Studio. The integrated Golf Studio operates from a single touch screen, and is simple to use.

Jim McLean’s 8 Step Swing, which incorporates the swings of Ernie Els, Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods, is an additional feature many HD Golfers decide to add to their simulators. Step by step, a golfer is able to perfect every element of their swing. The simulator records and analyzes a golfer’s swing in real time. When the system detects that the golfer’s position and swing are out of the “corridor of success” or have committed a “death move”, the simulator will automatically alert the golfer and present virtual coaching from Jim McLean.

Dave Pelz Short Game Training: Legendary golf coach Dave Pelz entrusted HD Golf with recreating his short game training programs, including his own backyard course. “Through the magic of HD Golf, I am thrilled to be able to give my backyard experience – to you. It’s the perfect way for you to practice your short game and shoot lower scores!” – Dave Pelz


Simulator Realism

HD Golf™ delivers life-like realism through our patented & revolutionary Image Processing Software. It combines High-Resolution Digital Imaging, Satellite and Geophysical Data into 3D models, creating a fully realistic golfing environment.

Our world-famous golf courses LOOK AND PLAY just as they would if you visited the course in person. Every tree, bunker and hazard is faithfully replicated to recreate the actual course experience.

If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping experience and want to become a better golfer, there is simply no comparison to an HD Golf Simulator™.



“Through the magic of HD Golf, I am thrilled to be able to give my backyard experience – to you. It’s the perfect way for you to practice your short game and shoot lower scores!” – Dave Pelz



“Through the magic of HD Golf, I am thrilled to be able to give my backyard experience – to you. It’s the perfect way for you to practice your short game and shoot lower scores!” – Dave Pelz