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HD Golf™ Tournament Play

Compete and Win

HD Golf™ Tournament play brings the game to you. Compete at home, your favourite Golf Center or while on vacation. Our simulator tournaments run the same way as on-course tournaments, without the high entry fees, full-day commitment or lost balls. Setup your own or join an existing tournament! Online tournaments are scalable from a  single location to multi-location. For example, a Hotel could run an in-house tournament for its guests only. Or, it could create a global tournament for all properties under its brand name. It’s a great way to meet new people, create a team and enjoy weather-proof competitive golf year-round. Best of all, play at your leisure; tournament rounds have a start/finish date, so as long as you play your round within the pre-designated date range, your score will reach the leaderboard.

To learn more about HD Golf Tournament Play, or schedule a demo, click here

Ease of Use:

The HD Golf™ Cloud-based Tournament system is simple to setup, join and participate. Players can be golfing in just a few simple steps:
  1. Visit the Tournament Portal:
  2. Create a player profile
  3. Get to your nearest HD Golf Simulator, and press Tournament Play button
  4. Enter tournament ID Number and your Name:
  5. Win the tournament!

Player Lockers

  • All player stats and information are stored in the cloud based HD Golf™ Locker Room.
  • Players can access their Locker Room on any mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
  • The Player Locker Room stores detailed Shot Data, Statistics, Video Swing Analysis Videos, Lessons, Club Fitting information as well as all historical Tournament and League play.
  • The Locker Room Communication Portal connects golfers with instructors, your club and each other.
  • The Locker Room & Communication Portal are seamlessly integrated with our cloud-based, mobile-friendly HD Clubhouse Management Software.
  • Quickly and easily manage simulator reservations, clinics, leagues, tournaments and advertising.
HD Golf Clubhouse Management Locker Room Statistics
HD Golf Clubhouse Management - Create Tournaments

Tournament Control at Your Fingertips:

  • Tournaments are fully Customizable
  • Select among the world’s best courses including: Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Kiawah Island, Pinehurst, TPC Blue Monster, or Bethpage
  • Choose your start and completion dates
  • Select number of rounds and teebox
  • Choose team, scramble or stroke play
  • HD Golf™ tournaments are categorized as “Opens” and “Invitationals”
  • “Open” tournaments are open to the public. Anyone with access to an HD Golf™ Simulator can join.
  • “Invitational” are private ‘by invitation only’ tournaments. They work well for Golf Centers, Sports bars, clubs and teams.

League Play

  • Offer extended competition and gamification to activate your golfers.
  • Challenge teams or individuals around the world!
  • Run leagues for men. women, seniors or juniors
To learn more about HD Golf Tournament Play, or schedule a demo, click here