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Golf Instruction

When the weather changes, or night falls, golf continues. HD Golf Simulators’ Professional Golf Studio gives you the tools to keep your game on-target no matter what’s happening outside.

Year round improvement is now a reality whether you’re a homeowner using add-on modules like Video Swing Analysis and BodiTrak™ to improve your swing, or a professional golf instructor with a client roster.

As a professional golf instructor, you and your club will benefit from HD Golf’s superior teaching tools, student engagement and recurring revenue stream.

As a private owner, you’ll enjoy exceptional instruction within the Golf Studio from some of the best golfers in the business, including Jim McLean’s 8 Step Swing program with composite overlap.

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Picking the best clubs just got easier and more precise.

HD Golf makes it easy to compare and select the best clubs for you or a client. Our professional grade club-fitting system, used by licensed Club Fitters and private owners alike, is simple-to-use and incredibly accurate.

Compare all critical aspects of different clubs; whether you’re selecting a new driver or gapping clubs, and take strokes off your game.

How it Works:

HD Golf™ Club Fitting software uses advanced Computer Vision Technology we pioneered and perfected. The comprehensive, highly accurate measurements are displayed on the large display screen for instant feedback. We give you the best data, to help you select or build the best clubs. HD Golf club fitting measures:

  • Shot Distance (Air & Carry & Bounce / Roll), Apex, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Launch Angle, Swing-Path (outside/in, inside/out), Club Head angle at impact (within +/- 10th of a degree), Ball Spin and Trajectory (fade, draw, hook, slice).
  • The system measures Shaft Flex Profile, Club Head Acceleration, position of Maximum Club Head Speed, Angle of Attack, Load Factor and Swing Tempo.
  • Using the intuitive user interface, the Club Fitter can track every club, shaft or golf ball being tested to gap every club in their customer’s bag.
  • As a result, the customer will be rewarded with a bag full of clubs that fit well and are fine-tuned for their level of play
The club fitting software makes a comprehensive series of highly accurate measurements in real-time

HD Golf™ Simulators make more measurements more accurately…

  • Distance(Carry & Bounce/Roll)
  • Ball Speed
  • Club-Head Speed
  • Efficiency (“Smash Factor”)
  • Launch Angle
  • Swing-Path
  • Club Head Angle at Impact
  • Ball Position RE: Club-Head at Impact
  • Apex
  • Ball Spin
  • Spin Axis
  • Trajectory
  • Shaft Flex/Deflection
  • Load Factor
  • Swing Acceleration
  • Angle of Attack
  • Swing Tempo