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PGA Tour Pros

High Definition Golf™ simulator’s are the simulator of choice for many PGA Tour Pros.

Bryson Dechambeau, 3-Time PGA Tour Champion

"As a professional golfer and tech enthusiast, I demand the best & most advanced equipment available. I love the HD Simulator because of its incredible realism & pinpoint accuracy. I was amazed at the technology and playing experience. My coach and I really like using the integrated video swing & weight transfer analysis to fine-tune my swing in real-time. When it comes to simulators, there is simply no comparison to HD Golf."   

Fred Couples,  Highly Decorated PGA Tour Pro

“HD Golf is incredibly realistic & versatile – I’ve played most of these championship courses in real life, and both the realism & accuracy are amazing. It’s like being there. I also love how the simulator will double as my high-end home theatre system.”

Steve Stricker, Highly Decorated PGA Tour Pro

My HD Simulator adds an exciting twist to family time. Golfing in our home is a fun way to enjoy the game & each other! When it’s time to practice however, we use the integrated Professional Instruction Studio to analyze our swing and corresponding performance. My simulator does it all!

Bubba Watson, 2-Time Master’s Winner

“For my home, I wanted the best golf simulator technology – so I chose High Definition Golf. When you play golf for a living you want the best tools available to keep your game sharp. HD Golf is the most realistic simulator I have ever seen.”

Sean Foley, PGA Pro Instructor

“High Definition Golf simulators are an incredibly complimentary instructional tool. The realism of the courses are fantastic and the accuracy of the system in measuring a golfer’s swing and shot detail is very impressive. This system provides unique technology which further refines the process of instruction. When I am teaching in an indoor setting, the system allows me to analyze critical measurements of the golf swing, providing data that can help to guide efficient swing adjustments. As well, with the HD Golf Clubhouse Management System, I can now monitor and critique my students remotely at anytime, anywhere."  Sean Foley – Golf [...]

Louis Oosthuizen, PGA Tour Champion

"I’ve never seen or operated anything quite like the High Definition Golf simulator. It’s more realistic than anything I have played on before and a very impressive piece of equipment. It’s easy to use, you get plenty of information and it covers every aspect of the swing. As golfers, we are always looking for that extra bit of information that will help us pick up a shot here and there and in this simulator I have just the tool. I don’t think there’s anything more you could want from HD Golf and it definitely gets pride of place in my [...]