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HD Golf™ Professional Golf Instruction Studio

HD Golf was the FIRST to launch an integrated Pro Instruction Studio!

Our seamlessly integrated Pro Instruction Studio will make you a better golfer! It’s easy-to-use and provides realtime insight into your swing. Key Studio features include: motion capture, video swing analysis, pressure mapping, slow motion replay and shot analytics within a simple and fun interface.

Synchronized drawing tools, virtual lessons, Jim McLean 8-Step Swing, comprehensive Ball/Club data and the ability to share swings with coaches adds to the appeal.

Amateurs and pros love the studio because it compresses the time required to improve their game. It’s also a major reason PGA Pro Bryson DeChambeau selected our simulator.

Seamless, synchronized & simple.

HD Golf

Take Golf Instruction to the next level with one fully integrated and modular system


  • Includes a suite of diagnostic tools to analyze every part of a golfers swing in real time
  • Provides comprehensive data collection and customizable performance reports
  • Online connectivity for easy reviewing and sharing of audio/video files, lessons, statistics, club fitting, tournament standings and more
  • Extensive selection of world famous golf courses, driving ranges, chipping/putting greens and skills games
  • Creates a teaching environment that engages students and makes them excited about training
  • Enables facilities to offer lessons year round, regardless of weather!
“This is an unbelievable teaching and clubfitting tool. While I’m instructing, the system is automatically capturing everything that moves including the player, the club and the ball. I get two video views and extremely accurate measurements of ball launch, club head path and club face angle for each swing.”
Jim McLean, World Renowned Golf Instructor
“It’s a fantastic training product allowing our students to see not only ball flight but to also see exact ball flight distances for specific irons. Secondly, the entertainment value of the simulator is priceless…our students are booking tee times with the simulator and have a whole new golf experience off the traditional golf course environment.”
Peter Kraus, Director of Instruction, Hank Haney International Jr. Golf Academy