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The HD GOLF™ Difference

High Definition Golf™ is the only simulator that looks and plays like the real thing.  If you are looking for the best golf simulator for your home or business, book a demo today.  You’ll soon know exactly why HD Golf is the system of choice for PGA Tour Pros and top golf instructors around the world.

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PGA Tour Pros

Louis Oosthuizen, 2010 Open Champion

"I’ve never seen or operated anything quite like the High Definition Golf simulator. It’s more realistic than anything I have played on before and a very impressive piece of equipment. It’s easy to use, you get plenty of information and it covers every aspect of the swing. As golfers, we are always looking for that extra bit of information that will help us pick up a shot here and there, and in this simulator I have just the tool. I don’t think there’s anything more you could want from HD Golf and it definitely gets pride of place in my television room. And when I’ve collected the info I need, I can always play the world’s best courses from the comfort of my own home."

Kevin Streelman, PGA Tour Player

“The team at HD Golf should be very proud of their accomplishments with this product, they have thought of everything. My simulator is designed as a complete golf instruction studio with a series of very accurate tools that provide me with detailed shot analysis, video swing analysis, swing dynamics and my personal favorite, weight transfer and balance analysis. Each of these tools provides instant feedback and work together seamlessly from a single system. For example I can capture and display my swing and weight transfer data together, so that I can get a detailed overview of my overall performance. All the information is displayed on the system touch screen and big screen and it is really easy to operate the system or analyze my results. I also use the simulator to test out new equipment and in my spare time, I can play some of the best golf courses in the world in my own home.”

Jerry Kelly, PGA Tour Player

“The High Definition Golf simulator is an amazing piece of leading edge technology. It allows me to train at home with my coach in a very realistic golfing environment and provides me with detailed feedback after every swing. The simulator makes a full series of highly accurate measurements, and I can use it to make adjustments to my game and test new equipment with the confidence of knowing of what works in the simulator will also work on the real golf course as well, which is really a tribute to the development team at HDG. And, it looks and plays like real golf, which has been a real benefit during our long stretches of bad weather here in Wisconsin. I can even practice on PGA National before I play the Honda Classic.”

PGA Tour Pro Jerry Kelly trains at home with his coach Jim Schuman on his High Definition Golf™ Simulator.

Jason Bohn, PGA Tour Player

“The High Definition Golf Simulator has been a great asset to my game. With it being the coldest winter I can remember, it has provided me the ability to keep my game sharp in the off-season. Your simulator provides me with more measurements and visual detail than any other comparable simulator. I am also thoroughly impressed how well your simulator can accurately measure the speed of the ball, my launch angle, swing path, my club face angle at contact and even ball spin. Your simulator has enabled me to test equipment with the new groove policies, and ultimately make my equipment changes with confidence. My family and I have really enjoyed hitting balls and practicing our short games, and when my young boys are finished, we love to pop in a movie and watch in High Definition. Thanks for creating a wonderful training tool for me, and fun for my whole family. Keep up the great work. It's a great simulator!”

Jason Bohn gives us and inside look at the golf simulator at his home in Acworth, Georgia.

Stephen Ames, PGA Tour Player

“The HD Golf Simulator is the first indoor golf simulator that I’ve seen which combines incredible shot accuracy with amazing high definition graphics.   Playing on my own, with my sons or with my friends, my High Definition Golf simulator is fun to use and it certainly helps me work on my game when I’m at home.”

Amy Alcott, LPGA Tour Player

“The High Definition Golf simulator is truly the most accurate technology for indoor golf I’ve come across. Not only do I love the simulator accuracy, the image quality is spectacular, beyond the great technology it's a wonderful way to spend time improving your golf game or sharing time with friends and family. With the video swing analysis and the new shaft flex module, I believe indoor golf lessons with a golf professional and the High Definition Golf simulator to be unparalled.”

Ian Woosman, European Tour Champion, Ryder Cup Captain and Masters Winner

"The High Definition Golf simulator is by far the most realistic golf simulator I have ever played on. I was quite impressed with the accuracy of the system, the stunning course visuals, the-ease-of-use as well as the feedback that was provided. The simulator captured everything from my shot distance, the position of my clubhead at impact and even spin. It’s a very impressive and complete package."


Carl Pettersson - PGA Tour Player

“I really enjoy having an HD Golf simulator in my new home. I can work on my game whenever I want and my family enjoys playing too. The kids love hitting balls and putting. It’s been a great addition to my golf game and a great family activity!”