HD Golf Debuts New Clubhouse Management System – The First Cloud-based Enterprise Software For Indoor Golf

High Definition Golf’s new Clubhouse Management System is a powerful software management system allowing owners, managers and instructors to manage all aspects of their indoor golf business. Key features include cloud-based player lockers, reservations, remote simulator control, league /tournament management and communication with customers.

The new Clubhouse Management System is ideally suited for a variety of businesses that have an indoor golf amenity in their facility such as hotels, resorts, indoor golf centers, golf academies, golf retail, golf course clubhouses etc.

“We realized that there was a need for indoor golf facilities to manage their business in a more convenient and efficient manner and also enhance connectivity between the business, instructors and players. In order to be truly effective, we made it cloud-based so that the system could be managed at any time from anywhere,” said Todd Richardson, CEO of High Definition Golf™.

Key features include:

  • Cloud-based – can be accessed at any time, anywhere from any device including smartphones and tablets
  • Added convenience for management or players to make reservations online for simulators, leagues, tournaments, book instructors or clinics
  • Leagues and tournaments can be set up with the click of a button, improving facility time management and efficiencies
  • Monitor simulator usage, time, hours etc., to establish profitability benchmarks
  • Enhanced communication with customers through integrated messaging
    Generate a wide variety of reports for all aspects of the indoor golf business
  • Cloud-based Player Lockers include all statistical information on Tournament Rounds, Personal (My) Rounds, Leagues, Video Swing Analysis, Lessons, Club fitting and Fitness
  • Instructors can connect online ­– upload/download lessons and critiques to players providing critical analysis of a players golf swing, using with a wide variety of drawing tools
  • Instructors can access the player database to manage their students, record lessons, monitor progress etc.
  • Remotely manage or participate in leagues or tournaments from any place in the world
  • Customize the Clubhouse Management system to reflect individual business branding
  • Promote events, food and drink specials, upcoming tournaments and leagues, etc.
  • Reduce administrative time and costs while increasing profitability

The Clubhouse Management System is offered in three different versions including:

Individual: Individual players can connect anywhere, anytime to a personal cloud based Player Locker with its many features

Pro: Ideal for both league and tournament management as well as for instructors for lessons and player management.

Enterprise: The enterprise version of the Clubhouse Management System provides everything a multi-simulator or multi-facility golf business needs to manage their business